Placement Offers

I received two placement offers from my VSO advisor on the Thursday night before my P2V course.

One was 12 months in Nairobi (the capital of Kenya) working with a deaf charity instructing in ICT and setting exams etc. Requirement to learn sign-language.

The other was 6 months (though it was stated to be flexible) in Namibia as an IT Specialist consulting on and setting up WAN/LAN systems as well as computer maintainence at a hospital in the far North of the country.

On the face of it Namibia is a much better job fit (almost ideal in fact) and although I’m willing to train in ICT I have no idea how quickly I could learn sign-language (never given my language experience to date) and to have to instruct in it!

Quick conflab with my advisor and “empowered” by discussions in the bar with fellow volunteers at P2V I put in the application (PAF) but with the proviso that I could only do a 12 month (or ideally 24) placement.

Bam. Emails from advisor – accepted for two years shortly followed by a PDF of a headed letter of acceptance from the Namibia Ministry of Health and Social Services.

Excellent. Namibia here I come.

Now just the small matters of the CRB check, medical, visa, immunisations, legal mumbo and financial pain to come.


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