Much Paperwork Sent… Little Received

Today I sent off the first of many parcels of documents to VSO. They included:

  • Namibia Visa Application (completed as best I can)
  • Namibia Residence/Work Permit (ditto)
  • 3 x Photocopies of Passport
  • 10 x Passport Pictures – signed and printed on the back
  • 3 x Copies of Professional Certificates
  • Acceptance Form
  • Personal/Bank Allowance Details Form
  • Medical Insurance Form
  • Other Insurance Form
  • Emergency Contact Details Form
  • 3 x Copies of Reference from Current Employer
  • 3 x Copies of Birth Certificate (*)

* – for some reason (I think to do with always wanting a girl) my parents had at some point ripped in half and then washed my “long” birth certificate. I think I lost my “short” some time ago though they may have just washed that as well. What I’ve sent is a dodgy photocopy of the left and right third of the certificate with just the middle third missing. I have applied for replacements (3+ weeks) and will just have to hope the dodgy one will do for now.

I am still outstanding a professional reference from my previous job and of course the CRB check. Apparently on the 23rd of December I will be allowed to “prioritise” it though the chap seemed to infer the only purpose of “prioritisation” was to make people feel a bit better.

Dental booked for just over two weeks before I go away. Can’t be sooner (NHS rules) and can’t just go private (ethics or something). Waiting for VSO to decide if that is cutting it too fine or not.

The not-my-GP surgery I had found who agreed to do my medical still haven’t called to book it and tell me about the chest X-ray. No doubt when I call tomorrow they’ll have started a long major building project :o(


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