T minus 90 days – Progress (of a sort)

Ok so there is under 90 days to go – woo hoo! Some progress (of a sort) is finally being made…

Medical Complete and X-Ray Authorised

Finally! A lovely doctor who knows quite a bit about VSO (“my brother did VSO, of course he had to come back after 2 months with an infected abscess”) has done my medical and pronounced me fit (enough for VSO), told me I am a fat bastard (though to be fair didn’t use those precise words) and cleared me of retardation as required for the visa (yes that surprised even me – the clearance that is).

I now have the completed forms and an authorisation for a chest X-ray which I’ll book tomorrow.

The only slight worry was the “oh you need a rabies vaccination do you, oh dear” but apparently it’s “much better than it used to be”. Anyway I’m doing SKWID two days after my first rabies shot so it’s not like I need to be on the ball for it (ahem).

Travel Confirmation… Twice

Got an email from the VSO travel team confirming arrangements for the 7th of January. As I’m working toward departure on the 7th of March and would have had to hand my notice in yesterday this could be a bit of a problem. Quick email back and a call from a nice chap in the travel team confirmed this was a mistake (bloody computers) and it’s on for March not January.

Better than a mate from assessment and P2V who (before getting offered any placements at all) received an email saying “Dear Sarah, this is to confirm your placement in The Gambia”. Oh perhaps I should say that HIS name isn’t Sarah (well at least not since the op :o).

Where for art thou CRB?

Stuff I’m being slack on is easy to ignore or justify the delay in some spurious way. Stuff I have no control over is harder not to fret about. I am now well over six weeks waiting for the CRB which is now doing it’s “enhanced” rounds to see if the police have any information not on their computers they would like to share (or just tell VSO about secretly).

I have been using the time constructively by reading internet horror stories of incredibly lengthy delays and random crimes showing up (bloody computers). So it’s either sat gathering dust in some overworked policeman’s (or police lady’s… perhaps I’ll just say police person’s) intray or at this moment being flagged up by SOCA because of the activities of an unrelated namesake with an interest in other people’s money and possessions.

If anyone is interested the process is: apply (much detail), checked against police computer, checked against various other scarily entitled lists of very bad people, send to police for indeterminate time for “relevant information not contained on computer” to be added (the difference between standard and enhanced checks and where my application is now) then finally (so I’m told) printed and dispatched to you and your employer (VSO in my case).

Flat Notice

Made contact with my landlord but didn’t all go as hoped. Apparently I have to give a “clear calendar month” of notice so I can’t quit until the end of January (3 weeks behind schedule). I also have to allow “viewing access” towards the end which will be a hassle.

I don’t remember that from taking out the tenancy though and there’s a chance that I’m on an older contract having been here for a few years. I’m going down tomorrow to see. I think if I do have to keep the flat until the end of Jan I’ll still quit everything and move out mid-Jan. They can then show people around the empty flat and I’m not paying still for council tax, gas, electric, phone, etc etc.


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