T minus 70 days

Ok so a progress report…

Stuff Completed

  • Medical completed and “passed” (M day)
  • X ray completed and “passed” (X day)
  • VSO training completed and “not failed” (T day)
  • Flat notices etc handed in (G day)

All my visa forms are completed and in. My first immunisations done and the next set (Rabius and Meningitis) booked. Replacement birth cirtificate has also turned up (good old central records office). Dental booked and closeness to departure ok’d by VSO.

I have told work and discussed notice periods etc. My boss is being excellent about the whole thing.

Stuff Outstanding

Still no CRB though it is now “prioritised”. I obviously should have committed more crime and been easier to find.

Haven’t told the bank or tax office or sorted any powers of attorney or anything. It can wait.


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