New Year

New Years eve on the helpdesk was passing ever so slowly with a grand total of about four calls all day long, one of which was a wrong number.

At about three o’clock I heard an almighty Jurassic-park style roar that could only be a T-Rex stubbing its toe. I bravely ran, shrieking, into another room to find help.

“Did you just hear a f***ing dinosaur?”

“Don’t be so stupid Dave… it was an elephant”

Finally controlling my breathing and regaining a little composure I could see the logic; “ok, I’ll give you that, it is more likely to be an elephant rather than an extinct species but… did you hear the elephant? The one that must be on the high street and right outside?”

They had indeed.

A few minutes of debate (“perhaps it escaped from the zoo”, “it’s an al Quida invasion elephant”) and no further noise (or the building collapsing around us) we gave up worrying. The chances of it being an actual elephant/dinosaur was so small we didn’t bother to go out in the cold and investigate.

But this time next year….


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