Woo from Namibia

Well having ignored this blog nonsense entirely for some months I have actually made it to Namibia. Woo.

The CRB check (bane of much of December and January) finally arrived, magically two days after the “time limit” had been breached. Rather wonderfully (Murphy’s Law in action) it was the only piece of mail Royal Mail’s redirect service didn’t redirect but I popped round to my old flat on a psychic whim to find it there.

Sent it off which completed my tasks and sat back waiting to see if a visa would be forthcoming in time… it was.

My boss rather wonderfully allowed me to work a “flexible notice” period while I was waiting for visa confirmation (yes they really were absolutely that desperate to get rid of me).

Bit of a last-minute kerfuffle with visas (on the Friday evening prior to Saturday morning departure) but all was ok and mine came through (a few others in our group weren’t quite as lucky).

Went to Heathrow with 42kg of luggage (for a 30kg limit) which caused much fun going back-and-forth between desks to pay the excess (I could not be a***d unpacking and prioritising in the middle of the departure lounge).


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