Some Things I Miss

Signing up for the whole VSO experience I thought my natural spiritual and philosophical outlook would enable me to cast aside worldly possessions and the trappings of corrupt capitalism with ease.

It surprises me then that what I seem to miss the most are almost entirely consumer goods or services…


I loved my iPhone. I only came to realise just how much I loved it, the interface and the permanent connectivity of “living in da cloud” once I had sold it.

It was as if a virtual third arm had been severed. I cried real tears and missed its reassuring chirps. I could even forgive it iTunes.

I am an unashamed (but crying) fanboi.


Tesco may be the cause of much evil, almost as evil as Walmart or Coke, but they truly are the store of endless wonder. Everything I could possibly want for sustenance… under one roof.

Premade sandwiches, a café, cooked (hot) meat, veg, fruit… and all open 24 hours (apart from Sunday). Wonderful.

Here we have, at very best, Ok. If Ok is ok then Tesco would be fantasmagorical.


Should be doing better things? Why not loose an hour, a day or a week in mindless GTA, CoD, Battlefield or Ghost Recon action.

Get Some

Broadband at Home

Too lazy to even switch on the Xbox then loose countless hours on YouTube. Have new films and TV simply “fall” off the internet overnight ready for perusal.

iPlayer how I miss you.


Yes I miss my car. I miss having a car. More than the car itself though I miss the ability to go somewhere, anywhere.

Here in Opuwo there are “combi busses” (leading to travels like this) or you can try and “hike” in stranger’s cars.

First Eastern, National Express and One Railways… I’m sorry… all is forgiven.


What was it like to have a “real” job paying “real” money? I have almost forgotten but I bet it was ultra-wicked-cool.


How cool are fridges? Well cooler than room temperature and cool enough to stop stuff going off. Also cool enough to keep your drinks nicely chilled.

Right… Enough with the bitching…

Off to rock back and forth crying which is, let’s be honest, more productive.


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