I hate Norton

Norton AntiVirus is pants.

Not only is it unforgivably large bloatware of the highest order. Not only does it encompass more features, badly, than AntiVirus software really should. Not only does it not actually work very well.

It takes forever to uninstall, if it will uninstall at all, so a superior and freeer product can be installed in its place.

Three hours. Two reboots. Technical knowledge required to use msconfig to turn off the services before running the uninstaller again.

All to remove a piece of software nobody wanted in the first place yet the PC manufacturers, no doubt receiving a hefty kickback, decided to install a 30 day trial of.


One of the best bits? Turning the machine on for Norton to immediately tell me its firewall had blocked Rootkit.Hacker.

Wonderful. Well done Norton.

Blocked it. Not removed it via the AV component or quarantined it or healed it. Blocked it. Check the logs and you can see that, every time the computer boots, it blocks it.

Detect it… block it… fail to delete it.

It’s the way forward. Guarantees more work for the AV industry I suppose.

Well maybe third time lucky.


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