Just before I left the UK I came to realise keys are (for me anyway) a reflection of how involved locally your life is.

In January 2009 I had the following on my keyring:

  • House keys (main front door, flat door and back door)
  • Work keys (various)
  • Mum and dad’s door keys (two)
  • Car key
  • Key I never knew what it was for but kept anyway
  • USB memory stick

By the 7th of March 2009 I had dwindled to the following:

  • USB memory stick

Now, ten-ish weeks in Namibia later I have:

  • House keys (main door, weird hall door, bedroom door and A.N.Other)
  • Guesthouse keys as I haven’t totally moved (two)
  • Work keys (three – one for main front door and two for inside)
  • Spare work key for the main door
  • Key I have acquired but don’t know what it’s for
  • USB Memory stick

If I ever get my act together with a cable tie I’m going to add another USB memory stick as well.

I also have started attaching a small multi-tool at various points. Namibia is the first place where I have actually had regular use for such a thing, Indiana Jones or what.


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