You ARE Moving

Thanks to a distinct lack of hot water in my new place and the inability to buy a duvet cover in Opuwo I have kept my room on at the guesthouse and so have two executive pads each fulfilling their own niche.

One (new flat) where I can cook, sit, read and enjoy the wonder of refrigeration and one (guesthouse) where I can commune with the cockroaches, sleep (with all necessary bedding) and enjoy warm showers.

Sadly it seems next week some “HR Specialists” are arriving and they need the guesthouse room and so yesterday I was told that I am moving out fully by the end of the week.

Investigations have since found the leaky pipe is in fact a leaky valve (that the government stores may have) and the lack of hot water is definitely a busted element (that the government stores almost definitely do not have). A fellow VSO here has been without hot water for about three months waiting for a similar part. Deep joy.

So now I have to pack up and move all my stuff, hopefully leaving my friendly cockroaches behind for the HR Specialist to find.


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