McAfee is Pants

Following on from my previous rantings about how much I hate Norton I can now reveal that, in my most humble opinion, McAfee is also pants.

This isn’t a judgement on its actual anti-virusing (though given the machine in question seems riddled it doesn’t seem good) but rather on the update and maintainability of it.

Said computer is in an office without internet so I navigated onto the McAfee site and downloaded a large (around 60Mb) update.

Then I read the read-me; “this update just updates the DAT files, you must manually stop the anti-virus engine [waffle waffle]”. Oh, don’t want that then.

Hark, another update, this one 107Mb, promising to do it all automatically even “stop the anti-virus engine” and then restart it. Wonders.

Download over the course of an hour or so, try and copy to memory stick (the one with write protect I use on riddled machines). Fail, out of space. Delete files, shuffle stuff, try again, success.

Go to the machine in question, copy over .exe file, run. Extract.

Fail! No supported McAfee products detected. Urg. The security centre whatsit is there with a big red M. It’s even in-date for updates (miracle of miracles).

I’ll say one thing in McAfee’s favour though – it uninstalled without any fuss (Norton could learn a lesson here) and so I put on a superior and freer product. Updated no problem. Scanned and removed virus infestations.

Victory is mine!


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