Corridor Football

Corridor Football

Corridor Football

Wandering back from some anti-virus update or other I joined these two in an improptu game of football along the hospital corridor.

Now, seriously, would such a thing be allowed in the UK? I think not. Mind you that’s probably a good thing especially when a young lad covered in bandages ran out of the ward to join in (he was easy to body-tackle in case you’re wondering).

Eventually I ducked away not wanting to upset the matron should he come wandering along.

I already have enough of a problem with this as the matron, or nursing manager to give him his correct (and never used) title, is highly efficient and been pivotal to things like getting my flat sorted (thanks). Unfortunately, due to over-explosure to Carry On Films as a child I can’t be in the same room as him without wanting to go “Oooooohhhhhh Matron”.

So far I’ve managed to resist. So far.


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