Aww Shucks

Email received from VSO:

From: Laura H (VSO)

Dear David,

Thank You

For your contribution to fighting poverty.

To celebrate Volunteers’ Week, we wanted to say “Thanks” to each and every volunteer, in recognition of their amazing contributions of time, passion and commitment.

From all at VSO

Well thank you for thanking me. Honestly, fighting world poverty and stuff, it’s all run of the mill nowadays. It’s the having no water for a week at a time I find hard.

It was followed up with another very similar email (thanks again for the thanks, again) but asking if I knew any primary school teachers as apparently they’re in short VSO supply.

So, if you’re a primary school teacher, check out

You get to share skills and change lives (primarily it’ll be your life you’re changing to start off with at least).

And good luck to all my fellow vols out there in this auspicious week.

Update: I didn’t get a link from VSO for Volunteer Week (nor is there any mention of it on their site) but I have tracked down the website at The main page features a “faces of volunteering” gallery that looks like something from crimewatch. Genius.


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