Namibia Telecom Communications Strategy

The other day having been pondering internet connectivity for home I popped into the Namibia Telecom office down the street to sound out the options.

It was here I found out residential customers were VAT exempt and so 256kbps DSL would in fact only cost me N$ 349 per month.

As I found myself inextricably pulled towards the signup sheet I was asked “are you a Namibian” by the assistant.

“Erm, no, but I do have residency status” said I, thinking some sort of you have to be Namibian to get DSL deal might be in order.

“Are you Namibian?” he asked again seeming not to have heard my answer, “it’s only that if you’re a foreign national I have to charge you a 500 dollar deposit”.

“Ah, yes, in that case, I am definitely a Namibian” said I, catching on. Good lad.

A few days went by after the signup and I still hadn’t heard from telecom to arrange an install date. No problem, TIA after all.

Wandering again past the telecom shop I heard my name being shouted out. It was the very same assistant.

“David, we need a 500 dollar deposit from you”.

Oh. Guess my cunning ruse didn’t work then. Might have been the lack of a Namibian ID number and a UK passport number instead. So fair enough I suppose.

What it left me wondering though was why he didn’t just phone me about it. Instead I luckily just happened to be walking past as the guy was standing on the step and recognised me.

Oh well.

Phone line and broadband should be arriving Monday (ish).


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