And to think less than 24 hours after I was sitting, holding my head in my hands, repeatedly sobbing “you’ve elected who and generally bemoaning the state of British democracy that allows certain parties to win seats comes this news to cheer me up.

Respect to Unite Against Fascism for organising this protest.

Another video viewpoint from the Grauniad can be found here.

Never one to want my blogging to be politically bias in any way here’s a link to the official BNP statement regarding the “violent thugs”.

As an aside I watched the video (further down this BBC piece) where Mr Griffin blames Labour-friendly journalists for tipping the UAF off about the press conference (protests organised with “tax payer money” don’t you know).

Hmm… Couldn’t help but notice this though on the BNP twitter feed:

BNP Announce News Conference

BNP Announce News Conference

Bizzarely though it now links to a 404 page on the BNP site:

bnp-conference-not-foundAlmost as if it never happened.

Pinko leftist-elite conspiracy or slightly tech-savvy activists? You decide.


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