Rogue CD Drive

Called to come and look at the Matron’s computer. Apparently when a CD is put in the computer powers down but is ok again once the CD is removed.

“Hmm, weird boot sector on the disc or perhaps a virus” thinks I.

Turns out that it was a blank disc causing the problem and in fact every disc has the same effect.

Put a disc in and about a second after it spins up and the access light flashes the computer goes into a terminal “clicky clicky reboot” cycle. Wrestle the disc out again between power cycles and voila all ok.

“Hmm, cabling problem or ATAPI conflict?”

Nope. On its own channel. Cables secure. Problem persists with the IDE cable removed.

Verdict: drive is shafted (technical term) and somehow shorting/tripping the power supply when it tries to read a disc.

“Hmm, remove power supply and order replacement drive”

Easier said than done. It seems Thor himself attached the power cable such is the snugness of the fit. Eventually utilising one pair of pliers, two screwdrivers and by slicing open a finger (a required sacrafice it seems) the molex-that’s-not-actually-a-molex came out.

Now just to brave the procurement process to get a replacement drive (as, obviously, I have no spares and am yet to get my spares budget through the process).


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