Low Tech Fault

Asked to come and have a look at an internet access problem at an organisation who works with the indigenous tribes (Himba, Thimba, Herero and Nama) of the area supporting their way of life and helping to integrate them with more general Namibian society.

Quick diagnosis showed no connection at all. The ADSL light was just flashing on their router and the error shown in the log was the same when the line was plugged into a non-ADSL enabled phone socket. Swapping jack cables had no effect and the line (a fax line) was still usable.

Luckily their office is just behind Namibia Telecom so we wandered down with the relevant details (phone number of that line, connection error, modem model etc).

Transpires the bill was overdue and they had been cut off.

In future I’ll check that first, especially if I have to walk past Namibia Telecom to get to the site of the problem.


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