You might have thought that during my years as a faithful public servant at a local authority I would have seen the very worst of “meeting madnesses” and be conditioned to them.

Alas it seems UK public sector (bad though it is) has nothing whatsoever on Namibian meetings.

More on that in a later post perhaps but just two quick highlights from an Economising Committee (9am to 1.20pm) today…


In the minutes of the previous meeting, regarding my proposal for networking equipment which was approved (it better be, I’ve ordered the kit) after a summary of my request it said “Mr David to report in the next meeting how he went about with the quotes”.

Duly brought up in corrections that in fact it had been approved.

Didn’t stop me being asked how I’d “gone about with the quotes” in matters arising though.


When talking about a payment clerk who’s job would involve driving to all the various remote locations within Kunene:

“we can’t employ a woman for this post as they can’t drive on the bad roads

Gender equality be gone – I banish you!


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