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Nanodog Delivery

Nanodog Delivery

Over at the school network manager’s blog Terry has been venting about how much cold calls from suppliers annoy him. Yes I remember this annoyance as well back in the days when I had a proper job.

In Namibia the problem with suppliers is almost exactly the opposite. Trying to get them to quote you on anything – let alone the right thing you had actually asked for – is in many cases like trying to get blood out of a stone.

I can maybe appreciate unwillingness to quote on 2 DVD-RW drives and an ATX PSU but six desktops? Come on, get your acts together, do you want any business or not?

The exception to this seems to be (shameless plug) Nanodog Computers who actually respond promptly to quotation requests, have good prices and actually send the goods.

The image top-left is some networking equipment I ordered from them and, even with NamPost trying their hardest to loose the parcel, is on my desk less than a week later.

So if you need IT in Namibia you can’t go far wrong with Nanodog!

Anyway – now I’ve got my patch panel, patch cables, brush panel, wall boxes, punch tool and RJ-45 sockets I just need to jury rig a rack out of wood and start drilling holes.


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