GRN and Bear It

In late March in a discussion with my supervisor I mentioned it might be a good idea if I could drive GRN (Government of the Republic of Namibia) vehicles to which she agreed.

I am now part-way through the tortuous process which consists of the following:

1. Agree with my supervisor I should get permission to drive GRN vehicles

2. Write to the Director with my “motivation” (3rd of April)

3. Wait for a Transport Committee (always cancelled) or Regional Management Team meeting where the Director is present to approve the process

4. Go to NamPol (the Namibian Police) which are luckily next door to get copies of my UK and international driving licences certified

5. Hand certified copies with covering letter to my supervisor

6. Wait for the director to authorise, in writing, that I have provided the documents and should now be tested

7. Have a driving test (twenty minutes of just driving down the road chatting with the examiner)

This is the point I am now at. It took not inconsiderable badgering on my part to get this far, especially to get the test.

I am now reliably informed the next steps are:

8. Examiner to complete report that I have passed the test and give this to the Transport Manager

9. Transport Manager to complete a report that I have fulfilled the necessary criteria and pass to the Director

10. Director to write to me giving me authorisation to drive GRN vehicles.

Of course when I started this process I was of the illusion that there were available vehicles to drive to jobs.

It turns out that, regardless of every other car on the road having a GRN plate, the MoHSS regional office has one vehicle.

This is booked pretty solidly apart from right now, when it’s broken and in Otjiwarongo for repair.

But damn it, I’ve start the process so I will flipping well finish it (or it will finish me – one or the other) regardless of how pointless it now appears to be.


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