More Compact At Least

Entertainment - June 2008

Entertainment - June 2008

The image above shows my home entertainment setup, circa June 2008.

This consisted of…

  • 32″ Samsung HDTV
  • XBox 360
  • Dolby 5.1 Surround (with sub-woofer on the left to annoy the neighbours)
  • Freeview (DVB)
  • 7.5Mbps ADSL Broadband (Wireless Enabled)
  • Windows Vista Home Premium media centre PC (and PC games console) with twin DVB tuners

Below is my current (June 2009) home entertainment setup…

Entertainment - June 2009

Entertainment - June 2009

Consisting of…

  • A laptop

Hmm… Well on the plus side it is more compact and certainly has a smaller carbon footprint.

On the downside it’s, well, not to put it too bluntly, erm, not as good. Sob.

Strangely when I was sorting out my stuff to come here I had no shortage of people willing to “look after” all my entertainment gear.


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