National Immunisation Days

Last week (16 – 19th of June) was round one of the National Immunisation Days (NID) with a swanky launch event on held on Monday the 15th.

The focus of this round was on immunising under fives in the Kunene Region (and nationally, hence the title) against Polio, Measles and Vitamin A deficiency (though I’m not sure if this last one is strictly an immunisation or just a “booster”).

As part of this all Ministries and NGOs etc mobilise to provide a fleet of vehicles and various seconded volunteers to head out into the field and help with the actual immunisations or support administration/logistics.

Kunene has a target population of 11,241 under fives (estimated) and even with some results still to come in reached a coverage of 96.1% for Polio and 92% for Vitamim A and Measels.

In actual fact it turns out the population estimate was significantly under with the Khorixas and Outjo districts coming in well above 100% of target. This helps bring the overall figure up even through Opuwo was well below target as the helicopter didn’t turn up for the hard-to-reach area.

The programme has universally been viewed as a success and now everyone is safely back it’s clear that there were none of the adverse reactions (severe reaction always being bad but especially so eight hours away from a hospital) or logistical (running out of vaccines or simply crashing of vehicles) seen in previous years.

Now just to prepare for round two in July.

Launch of NIDs Round One

Launch of NIDs Round One

Fleet for NIDs Round One

Fleet for NIDs Round One


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