MTC Tango Mobile Internet Settings

If you should find yourself in Namibia with a mobile phone on MTC Tango (the pre-pay service, I am not sure about any of the others) and wanting mobile internet here are the steps and configuration.

First: Internet-Enable Your Phone

Although there is a web service to do this it doesn’t seem to actually work (I’ve tried three times with varying levels of failure).

The best bet is to call MTC customer services on 130 from your handset. They will data enable your SIM and also send you a specific configuration message to your phone.

Once this message is received you will need to open and accept it to setup your phone (you may need a configuration PIN for this, MTC can provide it or you can google it for your model).

I think there was also a step of turning the phone off for five minutes then back on to re-register it on the network (they will explain all).

Second: Connect Your Phone to PC as a Modem

How exactly you do this varies massively from make-to-make and even model-to-model.

For Nokia’s you will need the Nokia PC Suite (available from their website) whereas for Motorola you just need the USB driver as their full-on PC tools is a commercial product in its own right.

Google your phone and get it to the point where you have a valid data connection and it appears available as a USB modem.

Third: Setup Dial-Up Networking

You will need to create a new internet (dial-up) connection specifying use of a dial-up modem.

This can be accomplished through the control panel on Windows XP and Vista but should be fairly straightforward on any operating system.

The key details you will need are:

  • Number to dial: *99#
  • Username: ppsuser
  • Password: ppsuser

That should be enough to let you connect. If you’re still having problems check the following settings (on Windows):

  • “Include Windows Logon Domain” is unchecked
  • In PPP options:
    • Enable LCP is checked
    • Enable software compression is checked
    • Negotiate multi-link is unchecked

Fourth: Surf Away

Off you go. MTC Tango pre-pay is (at time of writing) N$1 per Mb which is quite reasonable. Speeds vary throughout the country.


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