Two New Projects

Since I still don’t have internet access properly at home or at work I’m limited to madly creating it’ll never work projects offline on my laptop, uploading when chance allows.

Should I ever get Namibia Telecom to install my broadband or manage to actually start the wired networking project then I will be able to concentrate on proper work mainly a web migration project I said I’d help.

So to my two latest amazing feats of crap uselessness:


This will be, if it ever gets off the ground, an utterly pointless and bug-ridden file storage wrapper for MySQL.

Before you even start, yes, yes, I know… but I just want to have a play.

VSO Journals –

This is my stab at a rip-off of the Peace Corp Journals idea, basically a central directory of all current and past VSO blogs sorted by country.

Using the wonders of RSS feeds it also picks up posts from those blogs and displays them. Ultimately it will also offer RSS feeds on a per-country basis.

Right now it is even uglier and less functional than most of my web projects because I am concentrating on the under-the-skin RSS reader engine.

Feel free to drop by and have a look though. Any comments or feedback anyone has always welcome via the email address shown on the contact page. Ta.


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