This lettuce tastes funny

When I told people I’d signed up for VSO in addition to the usual what/why/when/how questions I heard, from numerous sources, something along the lines of “but you will surely die without a Dominos or McDonalds” such was their confidence in my culinary skills.

Fellow vols in Opuwo would I’m sure confirm that my skills certainly haven’t improved in this department but so far I get by on tins of stuff, sandwiches and the generosity of others.

So it was the other day I happened to be at the Ok in a MoHSS vehicle as someone needed to pop into the bank so I ran in to get some shopping. Grabbed some tomatoes, ham, bread and a lettuce.

Imagine my surprise and disappointment to get home and find instead of a lettuce I’d bought a cabbage.

In my defence they are both green and both in the vegetable section of the supermarket. Turns out it’s not quite as nice in a cheese and tomato sandwich though.


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