Curse You Telecom

Urp. I’ve just been away for the best part of two weeks, first to Windhoek and then to Swakopmund.

On my return from Windhoek I discovered my phone line was out (not even a dial tone) and had taken my lovely ADSL with it.

Apparently they had “upgraded” my line and in the process turned it off. Nice.

Many phone calls last week assuring me it was fixed (it wasn’t) and then again while I was away this week; “no you still can’t get into my house but there is no problem in my house – you switched me off at the exchange, remember?!?” with the eventual certainty it was all now fixed.

Back late last night and… can you guess what’s next? That’s right – it wasn’t.


Apologies to anyone I haven’t emailed back but on flaky GRPS it’s enough trouble to read mail let alone reply. I’m off down to the telecom office with some sort of sharpened stick tomorrow though so hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.

Chances of getting a discount from the bill this month? Hmm. Somewhere between zero and zero point zero zero zero one I reckon.


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