Election Fever

It was Namibia’s fourth post-independence Presidential and National Assembly elections last week with voting taking place on Friday and Saturday.

Although there had been a few very unfortunate incidents in the run-up the polling seems to have taken place smoothly and the votes are now being tallied with a result due some time this week.

Because of the pre-match troubles the Peace Corps are all getting free holiday from work and mobile calling credit. I’m also pretty certain I’ve seen a few black helicopters circling.

VSO just sent an email asking us to please refrain from stirring up trouble, participating in any activities that could be viewed as treason or trying to run our own political parties. They had obviously heard about the Dave for President campaign that was receiving wide popular support if only from myself.

Opuwo just went about its sleepy business. There were a few tattered “polling station” banners around the place but no queues outside or rowdy mobs.

Obviously once Dave for President was folded on VSO orders there was nothing much to fight about and just a general feeling of disappointment in the town.

As for any other comment, as befits my status as a guest in Namibia and a politically neutral observer, I shall say nothing. Other than, naturally, that I would have been an ace president. Maybe next time.


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