VSO Journals Growth

As you may have noticed a while back I threw together a quick-and-dirty project called VSO Journals as an attempt to have a central directory of VSO blogs indexed by country and take a feed of the latest posts.

Since then I’ve had a few contacts with VSO head office about it and they have also been working on a similar directory (though no doubt using proper coding techniques, good web design and with a planned outcome – unlike my site).

Their site (of which I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at pre-launch) is now live at: http://www.vsointernational.org/life-changing-stories/blogs.asp

They have also kindly let me take an XML feed of their directory which allows me to integrate their “master list” into VSO Journals. As a result VSO Journals now has over 180 blogs listed.

In addition you can now get an RSS feed from the site either globally or by country (thus completing the web-RSS-web-RSS circle). This allows people to see latest posts in a “feed reader” or even display them automatically on their own blogs (like I have on the right).

My hope is that one day I can take the VSO Journals site outside and end it’s suffering humanely just pointing visitors to the official VSO resource but until that day any suggestions or comments on the Journals site are much appreciated (and may even get implemented – all things are possible).


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