As you may be aware there has been some significant trouble recently in and around the city of Jos in Nigeria.

Although thankfully it seems that peace is being restored stories like this show that the cost in lives is still being counted.

This was of particular concern and interest to me as I know that some of my VSO colleagues are based in the country.

Cicely who is a VSO blogger based in the neighbouring city of Kafanchan has written a powerful and poignant post about the rioting and how it has affected her friends in Jos.

When you are in such a peaceful country as Namibia it is easy to forget that there are other countries where this cannot simply be taken for granted.

I’m sure the thoughts of the entire VSO community are with Cicely, her colleagues and her friends and wishing for a swift return to peace and normality.

For a list of some other VSO Nigeria bloggers see either the unofficial VSO Journals site or the official VSO blog directory.


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