A Conferencing I Will Go

Tomorrow I’m off down to Windhoek to the VSO Namibia Volunteer Conference.

This will be an opportunity for all us volunteers to meet up along with all VSO country staff and some big cheeses from UK HQ.

It’s a full week of discussions about the strategic direction of VSO in Namibia and a whole load of other topics about volunteering in the local context and our specific program areas.

In addition to the serious highbrow discussion there may be, I dare to suggest, a modicum of socialising and rampant partying.

The highlight of the week for nobody will be on Tuesday when I (and an equally press-ganged IT vol I’ve never met) run a session on ICT in Development. Fiddlesticks.

I was thinking of talking about how IT nerds here are slightly less derided, abused and socially shunned because they aren’t as prevalent and everyone wants their Spider Solitaire to run smoothly. We’ll probably have to come up with something boring though about the potential positive impact of ICT. Or something. Perhaps I’ll just do the Monkey Dance.

My only real objective for the week (well apart from finding out all about what’s going on with VSO and maybe trying to make a few inputs that sound slightly coherent and vaguely clever at least until anyone analyses them) is to not get sent home for any highly inappropriate japery.

I would live blog the event (spew endless blog posts about who has said what, who has cried, who has been sent home and who drank the last Tafel) but I probably am too slack and internet coverage may be dodgy.

It should be a good crack though with nearly all of my intake who are left in the country (scant few of us now though), all my other VSO friends and an opportunity to meet more volunteers from far-flung corners and exchange horrific stories. And also maybe I’ll finally learn about some of this development stuff people keep talking about whilst I’ve just got my head stuck inside a computer case (though in the end it was fine as butter and a donkey-harness managed to get my head out).

High Ho to the Conference….


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