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Heroes Acre

Just outside Windhoek is the Heroes Acre – a massive monument to the Heroes of the Liberation Struggle.

Statue at Heroes Acre, Windhoek, Namibia

Towards the top is a massive spire and a statue of the Founding Father of Namibia Dr. Sam Nujoma who was the leader of SWAPO and the first president of the independent republic.

The text reads: Glory to the fallen Heroes and Heroines of the motherland Namibia!

Statue at Heroes Acre, Windhoek, Namibia in Shadow

Doom Bug of Outjo

A while ago I spent a weekend camping in Outjo and Waterberg with two VSO colleagues of mine. On the first night (OppiKlippe near Outjo) I completely failed to make fire as I had forgotten firelighters and my bushman skills were sadly lacking.

I tried do-it-yourself firelighters with Clutch Cleaning Fluid and wood and even resorted to petrol. Try, try, try again and then fail. Of course the very next time I was in the same predicament, without such a supportive audience, I created a massive blaze with nothing but dried grass and skill. Oh well.

Defeated on the fire front we popped into Outjo to get some food and came back to our campsite. Shortly through the gate on our return a kudu jumped out in front of us and as we were watching it there was an almighty BANG as something hit the car. Something big.

It was some sort of massive devil bug. Easily the size of a golf ball it had flown full pelt into the windscreen, knocked itself senseless and was now on the bonnet.

The thing was enormous. And clawing away at the air with one of its many sets of clawlike-things.

TERRIFYING. I haven’t seen anything that big capable of flight and that scary ever.

So here’s a picture – the windscreen wipers can be seen for scale. Try not to loose sleep over it. Unless you’re living in sub-Saharan Africa of course where I’m now convinced these things rule the night killing humans at will.

Massive bug that hit the car at OppiKlippe, Outjo, Namibia

What the hell! I mean; WHAT THE HELL. And I only am half-convinced the red-eye is from the camera flash.

Be afraid…


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