Party in Osh

This weekend was Matt’s, erm, 21st (?) birthday in Oshakati and most of the northern VSO volunteers with a fair smattering of Peace Corps descended on the big city.

After arriving in dribs and drabs Friday night was a braii (BBQ) with people still up and around when I went off to my tent around 2 (Matt went to bed around 8.30 it’s worth noting).

On Saturday there was some leisurely shopping and lazing by the pool in the morning. Me and John then popped over with Joel to the Oshakati library to have a look at their computer problems.

Using my ace skills I diagnosed a “broken switch”. We tried power-cycling it without luck. In the end, having proved this conclusively as the cause of the fault (and rewired the network to provide internet to two terminals), John fixed it through the laying on of hands (though he actually says when he shook it he could hear the internets rattling around loose inside and just rolled them around until they were pointing the right way).

Switch fixed and a few reconfigurations on the server and all was well in the world of Oshakati library. We left triumphantly with the librarian grinning ear-to-ear and loading facebook.

For both me and John this (fixing anything) was a rare occurrence so we were in jolly spirits.

We then went to some lodge/pub and watched the rugby with England versus New Zealand. As Matt’s a Kiwi he was on the side of the enemy. The sadly victorious enemy.

Pizza saturday night (Oshakati is great) in a big group, back to Matt’s and then a final night camping in his garden.

Sunday as the last survivors we hung around annoying Matt by walking on the floors he was up and bleaching clean at 7.30am (come on man!) and generally getting in his way. Post lunch and having recollected Erwin who had abandoned us Saturday night for Ondangwa we came home. Found Emily’s homestead, dropped her off and found our way back to Outapi in the daylight without the need for the neverending drama that happened last time.

Even made it back to Opuwo in daylight. Which was nice.

Conversational Highlights

In addition to many other deep discussions on things such as the meaning of life, the essence of spirit, the definition of cognition and determination versus free will I remember discussing:

  • The Crickets. It turns out Emily is Queen of the Crickets and, we deduced, working to provide them with nuclear arms. Which other insect race we should in turn give thermonuclear weapons to as a counter-balance was hotly debated. We almost went with the cockroaches until realised they would turn against us. Butterflies are the front runner now but we are still unconvinced of their focus on the mission.
  • Stripmonks. Thanks to a misunderstanding in the car the idea of Stripmonks was born. This is genius. Some of us thought it referred to the Chipmonks after hours and others to Benedictine holy fathers grinding away. Either way a dead-cert winner and something we should work on.
  • VSO. Yes some brief passing mention was made of the massive VSO shake-up going on. Most people knew about it (from Peace Corps gossip) at least a day before the email from VSO. Opinions were pretty unanimous. Maybe more on this another time.
  • The Trees. They’re out to get us. Seriously. Be afraid. Though you don’t need to run, or even walk, just shuffle away an inch or so a day and you are probably safe.


I am also now in a bit of a dilemma over Christmas. A group are heading to Mozambique and Malawi for three weeks of fun and frollicks. I’d been invited on this ages ago but said no at the time and since made plans for Christmas at Swakopmund (I know, woo me).

However hearing to them making plans and talking of the wonders ahead I found my resolve and all sense failing me. Arr. Practically it would be near impossible and I know that.

But still, I am now looking at maps and thinking “well, I maybe just could…”. Decision to be made this week.

Choices, choices, choices. Sensible and known or crazy, foolish, expensive, certainly doomed mapcap adventure?


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