All Change – All The Time

Briefly, and mainly just to get a certain someone’s name into a post who asked on Facebook, I want to mention the ever-changing nature of people you work and socialise with in development.

Owing to the nature of the positions themselves (mainly fixed term contracts, far from home and sometimes in very adverse working conditions) there is always a fair turnover of volunteers and owing to recent big changes at VSO Namibia the continuous trickle away may not be replaced.

When I arrived in the Kunene Region there were 10 VSO volunteers (2 in Outjo, 4 in Khorixas and 4 in Opuwo). Within six months we were down to 5, six months after that 4 and then 3. Opuwo went from 4 to 1 (me).

Of my cohort of March 2009 arrivals barely a handful remain the rest having gone home, gone mad or simply disappeared (presumed gone home or dead).

So a brief list of my good friends who have departed Namibia for distant (usually colder) shores. Apologies if you’re not in this list but it either means I am absent minded or I hate you.

In no particular order then…

From Opuwo: Penny, Harrison and Leslie

From Elsewhere: Anne, Andy, Siew Wee, Mark, Alice, Scott *, Rashmi and Margaret

Gone and completely but not forgotten.

* who’s name appearing in blogprint is the only reason for this post

Of course before this turns into too much of a sobfest remember that the Larium gives me friends right in my own head to talk to, Mr Cat is my friend and we even have a new VSO in Opuwo now.


And of course I definitely didn’t forget: Jo, Alan, Cameron and Eilidh.

Not at all. Oh no.


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