My Dearest Water,

A long time has passed since I wrote to you last. Back then, when I implored you to move in with me permanently I promised that I would stop taking you for granted and let you know every day how cherished and important you were to me.

I like to think that I did. Our relationship from that point on grew stronger and more stable. Of course there was always the occasional night you would stay away or the odd morning you would come over all inconsistent splashing me one minute and just gurgling the next. But this is just part of the ride and made me love you even more.

Sadly I recently feel we have grown ever more distant; we don’t communicate and your absences have grown longer and longer.

Foolishly I ignored this. I assumed it was just a temporary glitch, nothing to worry about or just one of your moods.

I was wrong.

So now all I can say to you is this:

I am sorry. So sorry. I have failed you my darling. As time has gone on I have broken my most basic of promises and again taken you for granted.

In my stupidity I came to think of you as a simple resource, something always there, something I could access with an action as simple as twisting a tap.

But in truth you were never simple and I failed to realise the undisputable fact, I literally cannot live without you.

I was blind and foolish. I just assumed that the mere act of living together, sharing time, sharing showers and frolicking in the heat was enough. But it was not. Nothing can ever be enough or good enough for you my sweet sweet di-hydride oxygen.

It comes therefore to this; once again I am prostrated at your feet begging for forgiveness. Come back to me, please. To me you are the very essence of life.

This time there will be no mistake. Each and every day I will live in homage to your greatness and in wonder at your beauty.

I beg you my darling, come back to me before it is too late.

Yours in grimy love,



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