An Expensive Lunch

With one of the spare tyres blown after our trip to Epupa and some upcoming road trips I decided it would be best to head to our tyre shop and see what the damage was.

When we got the spare wheel out of the back, stuck a new valve in and blew it up there was just a small hole so it looked repairable. Feeling pleased I asked them to also look at another tyre that had a slow puncture and retired to the coffee shop for a celebratory lunch.

The guy came to find me – bad news. The blown spare was very damaged inside (unrepairable) and the slow puncture was air leaking out from damage at the rim (unrepairable). N$ 800 per tyre but a small discount for two. Told him to go ahead.

I’d also just noticed my road licence was up tomorrow and in town anyway popped over to NaTIS. N$ 504 to continue being legal after tomorrow.

Back at the tyre shop I tried to pay using a UK card as it was a fair whack. Declined suspiciously quickly (i.e. not quick enough to have actually “talked” to the UK). Second UK card, declined.

Went to the FNB ATM and tried my UK cards – “sorry your bank has refused the funds”. Tried Bank Windhoek “we cannot process your request at this time”. All far too fast for it to actually get to the Co-Op. So the wet string linking to Europe’s banks seems to have failed. Again.

Bank Windhoek wouldn’t let me withdraw that much and of course it was now 1.10pm so the bank is naturally shut for lunch. Back to the coffee shop for a coffee this time and to read my book until 2.

Over to Bank Windhoek and emptied my Nam account of everything which just covered the tyres.

Tyres N$ 1540, Road Licence N$ 504, Lunch N$ 80, Drinks Waiting for Bank N$ 20 = N$ 2144.

All in all an expensive lunch.

Of course being a trusting sort of fellow I asked to take the old tyres away. On inspection the spare one does indeed have a massive chunk of rubber missing inside and the other one though I can’t see anything wrong on the rim particularly had no tread at all in parts, flaking in parts and has massive burns. The joy of MoT free motoring!


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