Oh Dear… Disease Outbreaks

Rather worryingly following on from Cholera and Measles we have two new disease outbreaks in Kunene.


3 confirmed cases all from the same family. One child came into hospital and when Meningitis was discovered a team went to the village where they discovered the other two children of the family were sick (and subsequently tested positive).

We’re now waiting with bated breath to see how this develops.

H1N1 – Swine Flu

Outjo district had an outbreak of flu symptoms at one of the schools. An outreach team visited and screened 250 students of which 53 had flu symptoms. Three specimens were randomly taken and all three are positive for H1N1.

We will now be also visiting the surrounding community to try and identify any other cases.

Hopes remain that this mini-epedemic will burn itself out as H1N1 vaccinations were included for vulnerable groups and health workers.


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