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Whoopdie Do!

December 16, 2010

A few months after getting the ball rolling and following a site visit from VSO and my extension (from ending mid-March to end of September 2011) has been finalised. Happy Days.

We had a big long meeting with the Ministry of Health about VSO generally and then me and my placement specifically. I was able to say how excellent the Kunene Team are (entirely honestly) and they that they didn’t mind me hanging around too much (substantial bribes needed).

Not only was it good to get that sorted out and meet up with my wonderful VSO programme team but we also had meetings with the Regional Council/RACOC and IRDNC. It was interesting to see the “other side” of VSO – the discussions with potential partners and the process of developing programmes.

I was even asked to take part and explain the idea of volunteer assessment and selection (to go with a bit entitled “volunteer quality”). I did try to make clear that I only made it through by mistake and most vols are much more personable and skilled than me.

So I think it’s just the medical to get through and as nothing much has fallen off since I arrived let’s hope we’re good (also it’ll probably be the same doctor who passed me fit [ha!] for Fish River Canyon).

Now just to finish paying the complex series of bribes and “tributes” needed to get the Ministry team to play ball on the extension…


Really Oki? Really?

December 3, 2010

Ok Oki I kind of get having a separate fuser unit in an entry-level office laser. I can just imagine sales people the world over spouting about the cost savings or just buying toner most of the time.

I also understand why you seem to have the world’s smallest toners by volume. Not making money selling integral fusers with every toner must mean you have to maximise profits elsewhere.

But having a separate toner cartridge that comes off the fuser unit and spews bloody toner everywhere? That is just uncalled for, callous and frankly quite crap. And the new one was already leaking before it got put it.

Really Oki? Really and seriously? This is 2010 not 1990 and I do not expect to cover the inside of the printer, myself and the floor of the office with black crud every time I change the toner.

Prophetically False

December 1, 2010

At my new (ish) neighbour’s for dinner when my parents rang for a chat because their email was broken.

While I was on the phone Erwin found a tiny scorpian in his house and I relayed this news.

“Is that a common thing?” “No, not really, don’t see them very often…”

Ten minutes later massive scorp on my back porch. Nice.