VSO IT Do It With Staples

Excellent though the approved computer-repair paperclip is what do you do when you’re in an office seemingly without paperclips trying to diagnose and ideally fix a non-powering PC?

Use a multimeter to check power, cables and the operation of switches? No. Use a staple.

The staple is almost as versatile as a paperclip and can be used for;

Fault Diagnosis – a medium staple is just the right size to “short start” an ATX PSU (once you’ve ensured AC power by listening for the crackle as you slowly push the power cord home). It can also be used in tight spaces to “jump start” (or not) a motherboard.

Repair – if you happen to find after staple diagnostics that the 20/24 pin motherboard power socket has a damaged post a quick modification can see the staple fitted as a replacement and happily passing current so all the other gubbins (the technical term for the whirry and/or flashy bits inside) start doing whatever it is they do.

Please note advice on the use of staples is for guidance only and paperclips remain the officially endorsed tool for use in bodge-it-yourself field IT repairs.


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