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There is an option in WordPress I occasionally look at (contrary to popular opinion I don’t check these every 10 minutes while sobbing “love me, why don’t you love me?”). This tells you how many people have visited (usually one, myself) and more interestingly what search terms they used to get here.

Amongst the ones you might expect and some more general VSO terms (my blog coming up because I have a list of worldwide blogs with a brief bit of their latest posts on my front page) there are some more unusual ones.

My top four favorites are:

when the noght goes down i see the light of where we are today when do you do nothing daily when i do nothing daily for when the night is young and i am young i can see the world tonight faor when the night is dark and cloudy i can see your face

Note they have corrected their spelling down to my level of Namlish.

wade as a young boy reading in a field of grass back when he had sandy brown hair

Yes, indeed.

namibia dries burger ddt health inspector

Though it may be possible I wouldn’t recommend drying your burger or any foodstuff with DDT. Even if you are a health inspector.

And my number one search term favorite of all time:

gloria the hippo wiggleing her bottom to tease the rhino

That Gloria is such a tease! But by now the Rhino should know better than to get its hopes up.


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