Random Pictures

I have yet again been lax on the blogfront but I blame work, slackness, sleep, electricity, my boringness and goats in no particular order.

So here are some random pictures:

The Opuwo Fog

One morning I woke to find Opuwo blanketed by fog. Once again I braced myself for an imminent zombie or alien invasion but alas nothing much happened and the sun soon burned through.

Did remind me of home though.

Opuwo Fog

The Great Opuwo Fog of 2011

Mr Cat examines the Opuwo Fog

Mr Cat ventures into the fog with the Mighty Condor in the background

The “Flick It” Bin

These bins are in the toilets of the Opuwo Coffee Shop (the greatest place on earth). Maybe it’s just me but it scans a bit odd.

Flick it Bin in Opuwo Cafe

My Sentiments Exactly

Mr Cat: Opuwo Action Hero

Yes I sort of have a cat. Mr Cat (though she’s actually a she). Mr Cat’s official duties include going into the house when I’ve been away to look for scorpions, fighting off camel spiders and generally being an action hero.

Mr Cat’s actual duties involve sleeping, moaning and running away at critical moments.

Mr Cat Ready to Leap into Action

Mr Cat ready to leap into action. Or not.

Mr Cat Ponders the Meaning of Life

Mr Cat guards the front door and ponders the meaning of life

Bank Windhoek: The Bank that Likes to Say “An Illegal Operation has been Performed”

Question: When is it a good idea to run Windows on banking systems such as ATMs?

Windows XP on Bank Windhoek ATM

Windows XP desktop cleanup popup on Bank Windhoek ATM in Opuwo


Just say no.


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