Omufitu Training

Last week I was out in da bush near Outapi at the Omufitu North Combined School doing some training for the teachers.

Emily is a Peace Corps volunteer at the school and managed to get a suite of 6 new computers donated for their library. In a foolish moment there was an offer of some training so John (fellow Opuwo IT bod) found ourselves committed.

We met up with Emily in Outapi and then had to pick up one of the school teachers to act as guide because thanks to recent heavy rains the usual route (which we got lost on before anyway) was now underwater.

Even the “dry” route was pretty wet but the Mighty Condor churned through. At a few of the larger lakes our guide had to think about whether people had put bricks (for traction) in the water.

Bricks mean you go very slow. No bricks mean you go fast. Going at medium speed would jar stuff loose if there are bricks and get you stuck if there aren’t. Luckily she remembered right and we reached Emily’s home with some quality off-road chic mud splatters.

Emily lives with a family in a homestead a little way from the school. She lives the Peace Corps dream in a hut with chickens scratching around (or rather crapping around). Her host family had agreed to accommodate us for the week and I got my very own corrugated iron shack. Sweet.

On Monday we got in early for assembly where we were welcomed and then got to look at the new PCs.

Omufitu North Combined School Computer Lab

We trained up three groups (grouped by previous experience) with each group doing one and a half hours a day for give days.

All in all considering the pretty poor state of the training staff it went very well. The “beginner” group we got through Word, typing tutors and educational software while the “advanced” group got deep into Excel (not VBA deep but some sweet graphs and formulas).

Computer Skills Training at Omufitu North Combined School Namibia

Topics included: computer rules, word, tux typing, tux math, powerpoint, excel, internet and email.

On Friday we scraped the chicken poo off us as best we could, forded our way back out onto the main road and back to Opuwo.


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