With a Flash and a Bang

Finally; an electrical explosion that’s not my fault.

During a thunderstorm the other day a flash of lightning also caused a massive blue fireball to jump out of my ADSL router frightening the bejesus out of Mr Cat who was snoozing nearby (of course I wasn’t scared, well, maybe a bit).

Investigating the various bits of ozone-smelling kit that had moments earlier been prized working components keeping me linked to facebook 24×7 I found that not only had the router died a death but also the power surge had blown up my laptop through the LAN cable.

Fiddlesticks was a word I should have used. I may have been a bit stronger in my expression.

The power surge blew up a  lot of stuff all over Opuwo. A friend of mine also lost his laptop and a lot of people are at the very least now lacking an ADSL modem.

At work our internet line was ok but our leased line connecting all of the actual critical stuff was out for the count.

I headed to the Opuwo Teleshop to find it besieged by angry customers holding various bits of melted plastic and, as usual in Opuwo, we all spent the time chatting away until getting seen.

It transpires that the contract says the equipment (though owned by them until the end-of-contract) is entirely the customer’s responsibility. Faced with the prospect of not being able to browse cats that look like Hitler in the evenings I was therefore forced to splash out on a new router.

Thankfully I was also able to borrow a work laptop. As I don’t have a PC in my office and being (apparently) the IT bod not having any sort of computer would put a bit of a spanner in the works.

The work line was a little more complex not being a straight ADSL link and it turned out that as with the routers our termination box had bitten the big one.

This left our HR and Finance departments twiddling their thumbs (well ok doing filing and the like but not able to pay or process anything) as I entered a three-way ballet with the line service provider, network connectivity provider and various unnamed offices in Windhoek.

As luck would have it though (and thanks to the special efforts of one of the local Telecom engineers) a second-hand STU was found and installed (avoiding the week or so lead-time for one to be sent by goat from Windhoek) which following a bit of jiggery-pokery worked. So having prepped everyone for a week or so of downtime I was able to wander around actually for once with good news that the system was back and everyone could do whatever it is they do (above my head).

Being British I have naturally written a strongly worded letter to Telecom head office bemoaning the lack of surge protection on their network and demanding at least eight cows in compensation. Naturally I assume this will serve no purpose at all.

So goodbye Mr HP laptop. You have served me well even with Vista on and in the harsh Opuwo environment. I salute you sir.


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