Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend was slightly crazy with a lot of people coming up to Opuwo meaning I didn’t have to go anywhere.

Five (new) VSO vols and on Sunday about 700 Peace Corps. Choosing hard drinking over deep conversation I mainly hung out with the VSO crowd.

On Friday night to show them the twin wonders of Opuwo it was up to the Country Lodge and then to the Coffee Shop. After that the plan was to stop by a shebeen to get a flavour for authentic Opuwo life. As I had to be up at 6 the next morning I said “well maybe I’ll just come for one drink…”. Yes, right.

By 2.30am we’d been through Spongae (broken jukebox) and ended up at my mate’s Okalunga Hasho bar which has another bar just to the side just in case you fancied a change for ten minutes.

Most bizarre part of the night was seeing a bunch of people grooving away to Craig Bloody David. And not in an ironic way.

Saturday morning the alarm went off just after I’d closed my eyes and I had to get Jimmy to take everyone on a Himba village tour. I just about managed to find Jimmy, break the good news to him he was driving (which thankfully he was happy to do) and we were off with me snoozing in the passenger seat.

The tour went well with only a few people having to come out to the cars and lie down or drink water before returning.

Little snooze (major sleep) in the afternoon to recover before rallying to Marjolijn’s for a brai in the evening. This was excellent fun and I for one felt a bit more chipper after a sleep and then a couple of Tafels.

Sunday all plans of a trip to Epupa or anything much were scrapped in favour of sitting around at the lodge and admiring the view.

In the evening back to Marjolijn’s this time for dinner and poker (played with a proper set of chips brought up from Windhoek – how these big city people live!).

I think a fun time was had by all. Certainly I had a good time. The new Opuwo resolution is to go out more.

Everyone left on Monday morning (some at 4am the crazy fools). Not that I saw them as I was busy sleeping.

Shout Out: I’ve been asked to say hello to Kat’s mum Anne who apparently avidly sometimes once by accident read this blog. So “hello Anne”.

Not to criticise your parenting skills as I’m sure Kat has many outstanding qualities but you should know that she came to Opuwo and had the lack of grace to win at poker (N$30 for her N$5 compared to my second place of N$20 for N$10).

This is just bad form really and probably something you should get a handle on. I mean it’s not actual law that people must lose to me at poker but, you know, it is kind of the done thing. And avoids the three days of petulant crying from me.


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