New Strategy, New Brand

VSO International have recently released a new strategy and a new brand including a new logo.

It’s out with:

And in with:

A kind of dynamic ribbon (well it would be a dynamic ribbon if that wasn’t the Coca-Cola trademark description of their logo).

VSO are going through a “soft launch” of the new brand. Word on the street (well gossip in Nam) is this is linked to austerity Britain and didn’t want to look like a massive expensive PR excercise at a time when we’re having to let go some of the in-office massage assistants and comfort goats owing to cost savings.

In fact I think the new logo is excellent value with the exercise costing well under £12 million*.

The new VSO strategy is called “People First”. This replaces our old strategy of “People Third” (Money, then Bling and then People).

The money/bling/people strategy came out of the disasterous misadventure when VSO went into West-coast rapping before being driven out in a bloody feud with Dr. Dre’s aunt.

I was pimpin’ one day in ma SLK,
and I thought “hey we should do development in a different way”

Lyric from “Develop My 9mm At’cha”, VSO Records 2006

As part of this we’re also trying to find a new “strapline” to replace “Sharing Skills, Changing Lives” (though that is still one of the contenders). From what I remember of the online survey options include:

  • Beyond Aid (though as has been pointed out, mentioning no names, it does sound a bit like “Beyond Help”)
  • Doing Development Differently

My suggestions included:

  • What the hell is going on?
  • Who are you and where am I?
  • Developing the Beer Industry Worldwide
  • Send Help!

But as usual nobody listened.

Anyhow the strategy is full of good stuff and the logo is all swishy and purple so it’s all good.

* Note: Of course I know nothing about the costs or anything of the re-brand. Word round the back of the VSO office is that the chances are we blagged one of our strategic partners to do it on the cheap or perhaps used one of our overseas sweatshops.


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