Pinkstaff Out

Two years ago when I arrived in Opuwo, with my eyes out on stalks and quite certain I wasn’t in Kansas any more, I met another fresh arivee in the Ok supermarket.

She was (well I suppose still is) Onaka Oanika Ouneka Anika Pinkstaff a Peace Corps volunteer who was also signed up for two years in our crazy little town and also working at the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

Based two offices down from me we’ve both worked for the Regional Management Team. During that time I’ve been a pretty poor IT person, source of derision to the staff, drunk and a general nuisance. She has been an excellent Information Communication and Education advisor, loved by one and all, disgustingly cheery and walked through the streets as the Queen of Opuwo greeting everyone and enquiring about their children/cattle/goats.

Six months in I moved house and also became her neighbour, overlooking her house with it’s two bathrooms.

Now without wanting to get too damn American about the whole thing in the time working together in the hospital we’ve endured endless meetings, drawn up crazy plans, been on some epic mad adventures and spent an awful lot of time putting the world to rights in the cafe or over a coffee in her office. I think it’s fair to say without her banter, sage wisdom and joie de vivre I would have gone even more crazy than I have (if such a level of crazy is even possible).

Of course all things come to and end and Anika’s time here is done. We had a goodbye party in the conference hall to which everyone turned up and a few tears were shed (naturally including mine).

Anika and our Director

Anika with our Regional Director

Anika Cutting Cake

Anika cuts her leaving cake

So goodbye Pinkz and good luck back in the land of freedom! We’ll miss you.


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