Two Years in the Nam

Tuesday the 8th of March marked my second Namiversary, the completion of my two year service with VSO and if I hadn’t extended my date for packing up and going home.

Of the group I arrived with a lifetime ago in March 2009 very few are left. Two of my good friends are now finished at work and have flights booked for a glorious return to the homeland in time for the Royal Wedding* (gawd bless ‘em).

It’s freaky to think that if I hadn’t made the move to put off a return to the world for another six months it would be me packing, disposing of empty beer bottles, deciding what to do with the cat and my Himba wives. All with the added pressure of not knowing what I would be returning to or what I would do next. Luckily though I’ve postponed that. Phew.

So; two years. Long time. Have I achieved my goals of becoming a more balanced, caring, compassionate and soulful individual? How about finding new meaning and spiritual redemption through manual labours and living in the developing world?

No. None of that.

How about doing good works ™ and helping the orphans achieve advocacy for their climate-gender-change programmes?

Not so much.

I have collected a nice range of oozing wounds and various styles of scabs from the numerous bites, scratches and presumed egg-laying sites on my body.

I have, selfishly, had a jolly good time. Serious. This Namibia lark is a good crack.

In between I’ve managed to train a few people on computer-whatsits, install some cables (give facebook to the masses in other words), procure some new kit, offer pointless and usually incorrect advice on finance or statistics and almost kill a Himba woman through the power of dance.

I’ve also lost a large part of what little English ability I ever had, have lower hygiene standards than ever and if certain people are to be believed (which they’re not) lost most of my social filter as a benefit of nobody here ever understanding a word I’m saying (of course others would say my social filter was faulty to begin with – they can go and **** ****** **** with a ***** and a rusty *****).

This blog post was going to be a introspective analysis of my time to date or something. You know, deep like all those other posts I keep meaning to write. I seem to have failed. Again. La-de-dah.

As always I plead the Larium.

* Whoops – post written a while ago and for some reason not posted. So there you go.


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