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I recently broke the habit of a blogtime and wrote a post about the closure of VSO in Namibia that if not anything like a profound considered commentary was at least a small step above the usual banal waffle.

Feedback from a couple of people that I had “made a few good points” and the like was enough to steer me towards just repeatedly writing the word buttocks on the blog. Probably in different colours and in different sizes. But so far I have resisted. Buttocks.

Mainly they seemed shocked I could make any sensible points at all having seen me at the last VSO review when I asked “I understand we are advocating on HIV issues but are we advocating for or against HIV?” and of course the national meeting where I made the most inappropriate joke ever (and lived to tell the tale).

Bizarrely as well I keep meeting more and more people who have read my blog (“oh you’re that Dave” and a look of pity). I suppose it’s not that surprising given the lack of active VSO Namibia bloggers compared to other countries meaning I come dangerously high in search results.

Running as I do the totally crap VSO Journals blog aggregator (an unofficial directory of most VSO blogs worldwide with latest posts and so on) I’m also exposed to quite a few other VSO bloggers from around the world and often marvel at how well written and informative they are. This makes me feel guilty and want to either post something decent or revert to the word buttocks.

VSO, bless their cotton socks, have embraced volunteer blogs as a good source of advertisement and research material for prospective volunteers even going so far as to list most volunteer blogs on their website. I always thought this might be a bit of a double-edged sword as the downside of everyone having a voice is that everyone has a voice. On the whole though us vols are a disgustingly positive bunch, in some cases surprised and pleased someone would pay for them to go on a long-term jaunt to the sunshine (me) and in others offering informed and deep insight into development work, the real impacts made and the challenges faced and overcome (not me).

My biggest amazement (apart from anyone reading at all) is that I haven’t got into trouble (yet – there is still time). I have two things to thank for this; never posting anything of substance and my country director having a sense of humour (or at least a great deal of patience).

In fact the nearest I’ve come to complaints rather weirdly involved zie cheetahs but the least said about that the better (other than of course you should all visit the Otjitotongwe Cheetah Farm in Kamanjab).

So, on that note, buttocks.


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