Internetless and Adrift

Yesterday morning my neighbour had a landline telephone put in so he could call/be called by people back in the world (I also remember those days when people could remember who you were and maybe wanted to talk to you, march 1996 was a hell of a month).

Unfortunately Telecom managed by accident (or, my preferred theory, on Erwin’s direct and evil instructions) to somehow disconnect my phone line.

The phone part doesn’t bother me, all I ever get in are wrong numbers and all that goes out is the occasional desperate plea to a bank to un-stop my card which hasn’t been stolen and is being used by me in Namibia – as I’ve told them the previous 10 times.

But it does mean I’m internetless at home. Apart from using my phone which is slow and expensive.

Cut off from the digital world and adrift.

How will I know about new Kitlers? Keep up-to-date with minute by minute minutiae of people I once vaguely met at a party via farcebook? Update my blog read once by someone by accident?

And even more importantly; how will the internet cope without me?

Oh, it’ll be fine.

Last night then I was forced to, through no fault of my own, read a book.

Curiously, though totally terrible slash-fiction, it was addictive so I didn’t get to bed until gone 1.

So a night off the late-night interchats means I’m even more knackered this morning that usual?

That can’t be right.

I’m promised they’ll fix it today though otherwise I face a weekend offline. Like any sensible planner I keep enough, ahem, contemporary technicolour entertainment available offline for internet failures but even on half-rations this would only cover 48 hours leaving sunday night dangerous for the comfort goats of Opuwo.

UPDATE 1210 10/06/2011: We’re back online. Telecom heard my pitiful cries of anguish and came, spent over an hour up ladders and now everything is fine (or at least back to where it was).


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