Nine and a Half Weeks

Nine and a half weeks. No, not the steamy pseudo-porn with Kim Basinger but the amount of time I’ve got left in Opuwo.


119 down, 9 and a bit to go.

Double woah.

Partly this is my fault for deciding to use up my outstanding leave by going on holiday for the last month of my placement but even without that it wouldn’t be long left for me.

Naturally this got me thinking about two things besides Ninja Goats (always on my mind); accomplishments and exit strategies.

I’m writing this in our ‘server room’ (I’m in here because of a naughty box which I keep needing to jump on and reset in the hope we’ll get a new one from Telecom). In here, surrounded by the myriad of wires all expertly cable tied to random stuff and threading off in many directions, with the humming of the fans and bunches of flashing lights it’s possible to think I’ve done something. Made a mess if nothing else.

Certainly now there are more people using Facebook than before I came. So a victory? Yes, surely.

As for exit strategies I’m hoping beyond hope that the three outstanding orders for networking equipment (for each of our three districts) get processed and delivered in time. Please note this is not me last-minuting, all of the quotes and necessary motivations and site visits were conducted before February, the stuff is only being ordered now (slow even by MoHSS standards).

I’m also trying to cram as much training in as possible (to office staff and also to people to handle technical issues), finish stabilising various bits, simplify the network, write a manual detailing all the infrastructure along with troubleshooting steps and arrange a 9 month VSO placement for an IT trainer to consolidate skills after I’ve gone.

Because people have now realised I’m leaving lots of jobs are also crawling out of the woodwork; “well it’s been like this for a year or so but I hear you’re leaving so you better have a look now”.

So I’m busier than ever. Proper hardcore busy in fact (today I didn’t have time for lunch doing 4 jobs simultaneously). This is getting dangerously like a real back in the world job, so much for a sedate pace-of-life.

Of course to set against this are the following: next three days on NID 1 out and about near Opuwo, three days deep in da bush for my last hurrah MoHSS adventure next month, a month in Zambia/Tanzania/Zanzibar and then the prospect of 12 months of academic reflection, student beer prices and lifestyle.

So things aren’t looking too bad.

Note: Now eight weeks to go; started writing this before getting even busier and never quite finishing it but darn it I want the title and Kim B reference to stay.


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