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Last Shower. Or Not.

May 29, 2009

Today I had to give the keys back to the guestroom as it’s needed for some people arriving this weekend.

I’d held onto them until the very last moment in the hope of enjoying one last hot shower this morning.

Of course, having been on for almost a week, the water was off.


My House

May 22, 2009

… is a very fine house.

It does have a few foibles though.

The toilet/shower (mine alone) is actually outside in a shared hall (shared with the flat next door who also have their own toilet off the hall).

There is a massive hot-water system that I can’t seem to make work.

The cold taps don’t work and the hot taps put old cold water.

There is a window from the kitchen into the bedroom.

But it rocks and has a cooker and a fridge. Wonderous.